Product design

Expert in designing seamless experiences across various channels

UX in Agile

Proficient in marrying UX design with Agile product development

Building team

Experienced in structuring teams & mentoring designers

UX in Travel E-commerce

I’ve been working at Ryanair for the past 13 months, first as a UX designer then the Lead. If you don’t know much about Ryanair; it’s Europe’s largest low-cost airlines - 119M passengers are expected to travel with us this year. We get 1.8M daily visits to our website and app, out of which 125K visits convert to flight bookings.

GIS is not easy

GIS - Geographic Information Science in layman terms is everything to do with analysis based on location information. Esri, based in Southern California has been the pioneer in developing tools for GIS. In June 2013, I joined this company as one the first few designers hired. My focus was on products for non-GIS users - it was about making GIS easy.

From architect to designer

After graduating as an architect in 2009, I started a design practice with three friends and a professor. During that time, I designed and built a school in the himalayas which made me realize my passion for user-centered design. I moved on to pursue Masters in Design at Harvard University where I experimented with interaction design in both digital and physical domains.


Hopefully you already know somewhat about me through my projects:) When I’m not working, I travel cities, explore food and learn to play the violin. Living in Dublin, Ireland has provided me opportunities to indulge in all of this like never before. Must say, Dublin is an amazing city with friendliest people you’ll ever meet.
Thanks to working at Ryanair, I’ve traveled to more than 15 cities, 6 counties in past 12 months. I’ve left after work on Friday for dinner in Paris, an amazing weekend exploring the city and back to work in Dublin on Monday. It’s been a good ride!
Living in Europe opened my eyes to real food culture. The craft involved in designing a food experience amazes me. It sounds complicated, but I learnt that the best experiences boiled down to simplicity and getting the basics right! I still have more to learn about wines; that’s next on my list.
Finally, learning violin was something I started early this year. Having absolutely no background in music, I took on this challenge. Can’t even tell how hard it is, but it’s worth the feeling you get when noise starts becoming music.


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