Esri Maps for Salesforce

Time frame:Aug 2014 - July 2015

Role:Researcher, Designer

I led the research and design of a new ESRI product called Esri Maps for Salesforces (EM4SF) - an enterprise solution for adding spatial analytics to salesforce platform.

ESRI’s business goal was to increase usage of its mapping API. As a strategy, ESRI decided to develop and launch a showcase App that could be easily integrated within 3rd party platforms to perform locational analysis.

I led the end-to-end design of the product including user research, identification of user cases, wireframing, usability testing, visual design and development support. The product achieved its intended objective by demonstrating a seamless integration within the Salesforce App.

Below are some wireframes I created by gathering feedback from potential customers. These enabled usability testing and further design iterations.