Leading team

Time frame:June 2016 - Present

Role:UX Lead

I am naturally a very structured, process oriented person. When I took the role of UX lead, I applied my strength to initiate two team wide projects 1) design process alignment 2) creation of component design library.

Design Process Alignment

Each Ryanair product team is structured as a cross-functional pod (much like Spotify’s squads), comprising of Researchers, Designers, Product Owner and Business Analyst. While the team structure works well, each pod seems to be working in a silo and engages with other stakeholder in a different manner. This had resulted in inconsistent product designs.

My goal was to drive consistencies in pod structures. I conducted workshops to document the functioning of each pod and how each member contributed to the team. I then identified overlapping patterns, created a framework for functioning of the pods and got buy-in to execute the framework. The initial feedback has been very positive and I aim to iterate on this to introduce further improvements.

Component Design Library

Since the launch of Ryanair’s new website in March 2015, the products teams have grown significantly and business goals have been re-defined. As a result, we have observed variations in design patterns leading to an inconsistent user experience.

To resolve this issue, in August 2016 I initiated a project to document core design components so that they can be applied by all teams. We’re seeing positive impacts as each design team has started referencing the design library, resulting in consistent designs and reduced turnaround time.