Time frame:Apr 2016 - Present

Role:UX Lead

I led a product team to redesign Ryanair’s user account experience called myRyanair.

The project goal was to drive increase membership as a myRyanair customer is two times more likely to purchase with us over others.

As a part of the project, I defined the product strategy for web and mobile, and led product design. Currently, the project is in implementation and is estimated to increase sign-ups by 50%.

myRyanair - Case Study


The key business objective of this project was to drive an increase in membership sign-ups and account usage. It was determined that myRyanair customers were twice as likely to purchase as compared to regular customers. Also, increased usage of myRyanair accounts will improve brand loyalty and drive higher revenue.

Design process


We started defining the project by:

  • Engaging with various business stakeholders such as Marketing, Ancillary and Products to define the project objectives
  • Identifing the major project milestones and corresponding timelines of completion

Problem Identification

We analyzed the existing myRyanair experience to identify the problem and opportunities. This was essential before we could delve into re-designing it. We uncovered the following three main shortcomings:

  1. There was no incentive for users to sign-up on myRyanair and there was very little user awareness on the benefits of the sign-up.
  2. The user experience for sign-up was complicated, tedious and required several steps leading to user frustration. Further, once sign-up was completed, the user experience of myRyanair was not intuitive and easy to use.
  3. Even when a user signed-up for a myRyanir account, there was little incentive to use the Account page because of limited benefit. Users could only their upcoming trips through the account page.

Product Strategy

To improve the myRyanair experience we came up with following product strategies

Sign-up Incentive

To incentivize users to sign-up for myRyanair accounts, we decided to (1) launch campaign for providing discounts on flight purchases if a user signed-up for an account, and (2) create better awareness of the benefits of myRyanair user account.

Sign-up user experience

It was essential to make the sign-up experience very easy and intuitive. We decided to introduce the following changes: (1) sign-up using Facebook, Google (2) sign-up on native app, (4) provide realtime feedback on password strength and requirement, (5) ensure seamless sign-up by not taking the user out of the sign-up flow for email verification.

Account usage Incentive

A big component of the re-design involved creating better incentives for using the myRyanair account. We decided on introducing: (1) ability to view past trips, (2) saving customer details such as passport and credit card information for ease of future bookings, (3) targeted offers and discounts, (4) speed booking where flight time/destination and ancillary product preferences will be saved future purchases.

Product Design

Here are some examples of the various design assets we created for this project. These includes wireframes as well as visuals.

Performance Measurement

We wanted to ensure that we keep a track of how the new design is achieving the business goals. We defined some metrics to measure the product performance and continued to track them. These include:

  1. Number of total and new sign-up
  2. What Sign-up/Log-in platforms customers use
  3. %success of sign-up and log-in
  4. Number of customers using saved user payment/passport detail feature

Customer feedback and Re-iteration

We are currently interviewing a sample set of customers to gather feedback on the product. This qualitative user research is being done using the job-to-be-done methodology. It is still under-way and the findings will be used to further improve myRyanair design.

  1. After the release of the mobile sign-up feature, week-on-week sign-ups increased by 33%
  2. 1.7M customers have saved payment details for bookings
  3. With the current trend, we project the total myRyanair memberships to increase by 50% within a quarter
  4. We are observing a significant increase in flight bookings through the myRyanair account. This will strongly contribute in collecting customer data for providing targeted offers and increasing future sales.