Neuroprosthetics research

Time frame:Aug-Dec 2012

Role:Interaction designer, Prototyper

For a research project at Harvard University, I created an arduino prototype of a machine that could move objects using electrical brain waves.

The objective of the project was to create a machine that will allow people to interact with the environment without using voice or touch.

I started the project by hacking an EEG headset to analyze the brain wave inputs being received by the device.I then visualized the brain wave input into a 2-D pattern. My next attempt was to study the impact of environment on brain waves through brain wave data visualization. However, we could not establish strong correlations with that level of research. We used the brain waves to cause movements in a suspended motor which was connected to an LED. The LED light was used to produce visual patterns through time-lapse photography.

The project was very well received by our professors, who wanted us to extend research and continue. We all had moved to our careers and could not continue. Nevertheless, it was a great research project with applications in building neuroprosthetic devices.