Design workshops

Time frame:March & July 2015

Role:Facilitator, Organizer

I coached professionals on user-centered design techniques. I utilized ideation methods to facilitate generation of multiple ideas for solving user problems, through brainstorming sessions.

Esri User Conference (UC) – one workshop with about 70 participants

  • Primary participants were GIS program managers who customize Esri products for their needs by building functionality in Esri products
  • Workshop topics included: (1) user identification (personas), (2) problem finding, (3) brainstorming, (4) affinity diagraming, and (5) storyboarding

Esri Developer Summit (DevSmmit) – five workshops with over 100 participants

  • Primary participants were Esri developers
  • Workshop topics included: All topics covered in User Conference + (1) wireframing, (2) paper prototyping, and (3) usability testing

Through these workshops, I engaged with product users and created awareness about Esri's user centered design. This also resulted in knowledge exchange with international Esri partners and product development teams; improving relationships and sharing best practices.